Etihad Airways arrivals Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (FCO)

Etihad Airways Rome FCO airport arrivals allow to check status of Etihad Airways flight arrivals at Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Current local time at Rome airport is 04:54 AM 2023-05-28

No. Scheduled Estimate/Actual Origin Status
EY2854 07:00 06:41 (CAI) Cairo In Air
EY85 07:05 07:14 (AUH) Abu Dhabi In Air
EY2804 07:05 06:53 (ATH) Athens Departed
EY2828 07:05 07:33 (BOS) Boston, MA In Air
EY2979 07:10 06:13 (GRU) Sao Paulo In Air
EY2810 07:25 (BDS) Brindisi Scheduled
EY2835 07:25 (CTA) Catania Scheduled
EY2875 07:25 (PMO) Palermo Scheduled
EY2886 07:25 07:30 (SUF) Lamezia Scheduled
EY2904 07:25 (VCE) Venice Scheduled
EY2910 07:25 (FLR) Firenze Scheduled
EY2932 07:25 (NAP) Naples Scheduled
EY2814 07:30 (BLQ) Bologna Scheduled
EY2818 07:40 (BRI) Bari Scheduled
EY2865 07:40 07:47 (REG) Reggio Di Calabria Scheduled
EY2850 07:45 (GOA) Genoa Scheduled
EY2900 07:45 (TRS) Trieste Scheduled
EY2897 08:10 (TRN) Turin Scheduled
EY3038 08:10 (PMO) Palermo Scheduled
EY3012 08:15 (CDG) Paris Scheduled
EY3017 08:20 (CTA) Catania Scheduled
EY4310 09:30 08:58 (MAD) Madrid Scheduled